Popular Celtic names for girls and boys

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1 Adair Celtic M
Meaning: From the ford by the oak trees.
2 Aengus Celtic M
Meaning: Exceptionally strong.
3 Afric Celtic F
Meaning: Agreeable.
4 Africa Celtic F
Meaning: Agreeable.
5 Ahearn Celtic M
Meaning: Lord of the horses.
6 Ahern Celtic M
Meaning: Lord of the horses.
7 Aidan Celtic M
Meaning: Fire.
8 Aiden Celtic M
Meaning: Fire.
9 Aife Celtic F
Meaning: A great warrior woman of myth.

10 Aigneis Celtic F
Meaning: Pure.
11 Ailidh Celtic F
Meaning: Kind.
12 Ailill Celtic M
Meaning: Mythical king of Connaught.
13 Ailis Celtic F
Meaning: Noble.
14 Aina Celtic F
Meaning: Joy.
15 Aine Celtic F
Meaning: Fire or joy.
16 Aingeal Celtic F
Meaning: Angel.
17 Airell Celtic M
Meaning: Nobleman.
18 Airic Celtic F
Meaning: Agreeable.
19 Aithne Celtic F
Meaning: Fire.
20 Al Celtic M
Meaning: Diminutive of Alan: Harmony, stone, or noble. Also fair, handsome. Originally a saint's name, it was reintroduced to Britain during the Norman Conquest, remained popular throughout the Middle Ages, and was revived in the 19th century.