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1 Oadira Muslim F
Meaning: Powerful. Potent..
2 Oaisara Muslim F
Meaning: Empress. Wife of Caesar..
3 Oamra Muslim F
Meaning: The moon..
4 Obelia Greek F
Meaning: Pointed pillar.
5 Obelie Greek F
Meaning: Pointed pillar.
6 Obharnait Irish F
Meaning: The color of olive.
7 Obil Biblical F
Meaning: That weeps, who deserves to be bewailed.
8 Oceana Greek F
Meaning: Form of Oceanus. In Greek mythology Oceanus was a Titan father of rivers and water nymphs.
9 Octavia Italian F
Meaning: Born eighth.

10 Octavia Latin F
Meaning: Born Eighth. In the Roman Empire, Octavia was the sister of Octavian who was married to Mark Antony (as a political alliance). They were later divorced (in 32 BC).
11 Octavia Shakespearean F
Meaning: Antony and Cleopatra'. Sister to Caesar and wife to Mark Antony.
12 Octaviana Latin F
Meaning: Eighth. Feminine of Octavius. A clan name of Roman Emperors.
13 Octavie Latin F
Meaning: Born eighth.
14 Ocyale Latin F
Meaning: An Amazon.
15 Ocypete Greek F
Meaning: A Harpy.
16 Oda German F
Meaning: Elfin spear.
17 Oda Norse F
Meaning: Point.
18 Odahingum NativeAmerican F
Meaning: Rippling water (Chippewa).
19 Odanda Spanish F
Meaning: Famous land.
20 Odd Norse F
Meaning: Point.