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1 Paarai Biblical M
Meaning: Opening.
2 Paaveli Finnish M
Meaning: Finnish form of Paul.
3 Paaveli Latin M
Meaning: Small.
4 Paavo Finnish M
Meaning: Finnish form of Paul.
5 Paavo Latin M
Meaning: Small.
6 Paavo Scandinavian M
Meaning: Little.
7 Pabiyan Russian M
Meaning: Russian form of Fabian 'bean farmer'.
8 Pablo Latin M
Meaning: Variant of Paul: Little; small.
9 Pablo Spanish M
Meaning: Variant of Paul: Small. Famous Bearer: artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973).

10 Pacho Spanish M
Meaning: Free.
11 Pachu'a NativeAmerican M
Meaning: Feathered water snake (Hopi).
12 Paco NativeAmerican M
Meaning: Eagle.
13 Paco Spanish M
Meaning: Free.
14 Pacorro Spanish M
Meaning: Free.
15 Padan-aram Biblical M
Meaning: Cultivated field or table-land.
16 Paddy Irish M
Meaning: Diminutive of Patrick: noble. Paddy is also sometimes used as a slang term for Irishman or for a temper tantrum.
17 Paddy Latin M
Meaning: Regal; noble. Diminutive of Patrick.
18 Paden Scottish M
Meaning: Royal.
19 Padgett French M
Meaning: Attendant.
20 Padhraig Latin M
Meaning: Regal.