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1 Ra English F
Meaning: Doe.
2 Ra'eesa Muslim F
Meaning: Variant of Ra'isa: Leadress. Matron..
3 Ra'idah Muslim F
Meaning: Leader..
4 Ra'isa Muslim F
Meaning: Leadress. Matron..
5 Ra'naa Muslim F
Meaning: Variant of Rana: To gaze. Look beautiful. Graceful..
6 Raabia Muslim F
Meaning: Variant of Rabia: Fourth..
7 Raaheel Muslim F
Meaning: Variant of Rahil: Rachel..
8 Raamiah Biblical F
Meaning: Thunder, or evil, from the Lord.
9 Raananah Hebrew F
Meaning: Unspoiled.

10 Raanee Muslim F
Meaning: Variant of Rani: The queen..
11 Raashida Muslim F
Meaning: Variant of Rashida: Conscious. Pious. Wise. Mature..
12 Rabab Muslim F
Meaning: White cloud..
13 Rabah Hebrew F
Meaning: Fourth born.
14 Rabi'ah Muslim F
Meaning: Garden. Springtime..
15 Rabia Muslim F
Meaning: Fourth..
16 Rabiah Egyptian F
Meaning: Born in the spring.
17 Raca Biblical F
Meaning: Worthless, good-for-nothing.
18 Rachael Hebrew F
Meaning: Variant of Rachel: Ewe. Rachel was the second and favoured wife of Jacob in the Old Testament.
19 Rachel Biblical F
Meaning: Sheep
20 Rachel German F
Meaning: Lamb.